We are very thankful for our Spa Family

We are very thankful for our Spa Family and would like to share this week a little about each one of them! Meet Melinda:
Greetings everyone, my name is Melinda. I have been a practicing licensed aesthetician since 2007 and a practicing licensed massage therapist since 2009. I took a break my senior year of Nursing School and my life changed drastically when I enrolled into the massage therapy program at NYIM. I have always been a believer in energy and the simple things of life, how simple ingredients can revive nourish and re-balance the body inside and out and how those same ingredients put into oils can soothe the bodies aches and stresses. And for this reason alone is why I chose massage and skincare over nursing as my way of helping each individual I am honored to meet and work on. I talk best through my hands and can’t wait to share the gift of touch with everyone soon. Hope to meet you soon at Massage Suite & Spa. #spafamily #massagesuiteny #onebuffalo #suitesociety #buffalo #kenmore http://ow.ly/i/pd0my

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