We are very thankful for our Spa Family

We are very thankful for our Spa Family and would like to share this week a little about each one of them! Meet Monique:
‘ello everyone, I’m the owner Monique. I absolutely love the massage and the skin care industry. I had an accident in my younger years that shined some light on what to do with my life. I graduated from Trocaire college in 2005 as an LMT, started the Massage Suite & Spa in 2007. There are so many things that massage has healed for me personally, which lead me to help people in their own healing. When I first started, I learned quickly how much time must go into a business. Being self-taught, how did I do it?! Day by day accomplishments and support from a loving spouse (Jim) and family. “Time has wings” my grandmother used to tell me and it does, it fly’s. Many things have evolved over the last 9+ years at the practice and many evolution’s had to happen as a therapist, practice, small business owner, student of life and now soon to be MOM! Most days I’m working on the business and not able to practice massage, (which I love) and preparing to be at home for our new baby’s arrival. I’m very thankful for my co-workers and am looking forward for the many many years to come. Our staff as you could see this week, are all beautiful people and deserve every ounce of recognition, (especially from everyone they’ve helped with knots and stress!) Thank you for reading, I hope you see that we all reflect the care and passion for this small business, industry and each other. Have a wonderful and relaxing holiday season! #staywarm #thanku #thanksgiving #massagesuiteny #suitesociety #onebuffalo #buffalospa #buffalove #kenmore #buffalo http://ow.ly/i/pd3oD

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