Our President, Monique Jarvis was in a motorcycle accident in 2002 while on vacation in Florida. Following the accident, she suffered from chronic joint and muscular pain. The physicians in Florida prescribed Jarvis with chiropractic care, physical therapy, and massage therapy to help with her injuries. This led her on a path of healing; mentally, physically and spiritually. When Jarvis arrived back in Buffalo, she followed the doctor’s orders. Thankfully, she had done so, this life-changing experience led her to pursue an education in Massage Therapy at Trocaire College.

Studying at Trocaire was a rewarding life experience. The smaller class size, awesome classmates, and faculty made it fun for the challenging program. Graduating in 2005, Jarvis and her husband James, a graduate of Canisius, established the Massage Suite in 2007.

At first, they rented a small office in South Buffalo. The Buffalo massage practice steadily grew and they needed more space. A previous doctors office in Kenmore had opened up and it was just the right fit for the growing business. With the help of family and friends, the Jarvis duo remodeled and renewed the Massage Suite & Spa in Kenmore, NY. They turned an old doctor’s office into an inviting, relaxing, healing, and peaceful atmosphere with a wonderful selection of healing services.

Today, most of the Spa’s clientele are on some sort of path for healing or in need of a direction for their treatment. Our licensed spa staff, are very professional and well educated in the field. They continue to treat numerous people with various injuries, surgeries, ailments, and even the person who just wants to relax.

“Massage Therapy is like a language, but for your muscles. Understanding that language for each individual client is what we strive for as Licensed Massage Therapist’s here at the Massage Suite & Spa.”- Monique Jarvis LMT

As a practice, they are evolving and educating clients on Massage Therapy and helping Buffalo’s Massage industry grow, by reducing one knot at a time. Lastly, in 2010, Jarvis received Trocaire College’s Distinguished Alumni Award, yearly nominations for the Best of Buffalo Artvoice, – all with gratitude.

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