Eyelash Extension FAQ

Eyelash Extension FAQ

Are eyelash extensions for me?

Yes, they are for anyone who wants longer, fuller lashes that appear naturally as if they were your own.

How long do JB Lash extensions last?

JB Lash extensions last through the length of your natural growth cycle of each lash, 60-100 days. Maintaining your lashes with refresher fills every 2-4 weeks is recommended to replace lashes that have fallen out from the natural life cycle. Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent and can last up to 5-8 weeks.

How do I prepare for this service?

Thoroughly clean your lashes with an oil free cleanser. All makeup should be removed around the eyes prior to the application. This service is typically an hour long, and arrival time should be ten minutes before your appointment. You will have an intake form and waiver to fill out and sign before your service.

How do I care for JB Lashes?

Lash extensions are easy to maintain. Just like real lashes they are resistant to water, heat, pool chlorine, perspiration and water based cleansers. Things to avoid are any oil-based cleansers, lotions or removers. Also, avoid rubbing the eyes; you may use a small Q-tip to clean around the eyes.

Can I wear mascara on my eyelash extensions?

The great thing about JB Lash extensions is you won’t need any mascara or eyeliner! However, if you can’t live without mascara there is a specially formulated mascara called iLashCare Volume-Up Mascara. It’s specifically for lash extensions, and it can be used on the tips of the extensions. Avoid water-proof mascara or any excessive use of mascara, it will cause loss of the extensions.

Can I receive lashes if my eyelashes are tinted or dyed?

Yes, it is safe to add the extensions. It’s best to wait 2-3 days between services. However, it is not recommended to tint, dye or perm extensions after they’ve been applied.

How do you remove eyelash extensions?

There are two methods: Have a lash specialist remove them professionally. Secondly, let the eyelash extensions slowly fall out by themselves. This takes about two months. Please do not attempt to remove them yourself as the glue is very strong and you can damage your own lashes.