Massage Therapy

There is a reason why we’ve been in business since 2007, we know massage. So here’s our advice to you. If you are new to massage and are not sure which service to pick, start with Swedish. It’s relaxing and is an introduction to the rest of the massage world. If your nervous about getting a massage but want to try it, you can always get a couples massage and enjoy massage with a loved one.

If you’ve had a couple of massage sessions in the past and know that you need deeper work, schedule more time. The average hour session may not be enough, especially if it’s been months since your last treatment.

If you are a frequent massage geek, (like most of us here are) then our massage services like shiatsu, reflexology, sports, hot stone, Thai are all excellent choices for your next few therapeutic massage session. You may also ask your therapist for the best recommendation for your next massage experience here.

Benefits of Massage

Would you like to minimize pain, limit stress, help migraines, reduce fatigue or increase your overall quality of life? Massage Therapy may be  the answer for you. It’s a wonderful alternative therapy that complements your health and well-being. Therapeutic Massage has many benefits that can last for days or even weeks. Our massage therapists’ use a number … Continue reading Benefits of Massage

Massage FAQ

Massage Therapy Frequently Asked Questions I have never had Massage before, what should I expect? At the beginning of your first session, you will need to fill out a health form. If needed, your therapist may then ask some general health questions to modify your massage. Most of the massage techniques used during your treatment … Continue reading Massage FAQ

Mini Spa Services

22The following is a list of smaller services that you may add-on to your scheduled service(s) to enhance your relaxation experience. Please schedule in advance for any of the services you may add on to your treatment, especially if they add time to your main service. Aroma Therapy  $15.00 Heat or Ice Packs $15.00 Scalp … Continue reading Mini Spa Services

Chair Massage

We have a unique massage chair that is designed specifically for our client’s that have limited time or are always in a hurry. Chair massage is easy to schedule at the last minute or even for a walk-in appointment. The massage chair supports the head, arms, torso and legs and allows you to sit comfortably … Continue reading Chair Massage

Swedish Massage

Swedish is the most common form of classical western massage. If you are new to getting massage and this will be your first session with us, Swedish is the perfect choice. This massage is performed with a variety of manual techniques designed specifically to relax your muscles. These techniques warm up the muscle tissue, help relieve muscular tension, … Continue reading Swedish Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

Most people seek out the therapeutic benefits of massage because of something they are experiencing daily. Some may need relief from stress and others have a reoccurring issue such as chronic pain or headaches. Deep tissue massage is a perfect choice if you are experiencing specific issues such as: stiffness, aches, pains, soreness, inflammation, limited … Continue reading Deep Tissue Massage

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage shares many of the benefits as general massage, yet it is tailored to the needs of pregnant women and their changing bodies. With each prenatal stage, the body is growing and changing. Massage Therapy helps the mother-to-be relieve stress and tension in a very comfortable way. The benefits of massage may support you during … Continue reading Pregnancy Massage

Couples Massage

Relax together in our couple’s room with a Swedish, Deep Tissue or Pregnancy Massage. Despite the name couples massage, they aren’t just for couples – family or friends have enjoyed this experience together. We have a very calm, relaxing and peaceful atmosphere for both of you. If you are new to massage this is a very comfortable … Continue reading Couples Massage

Hot Stone Massage

All types of massage can help relieve pain, yet a hot stone massage provides greater relief with the use of heated lava stones. This massage is a traditional Swedish massage, that massages you with smooth warm basalt lava stones. These stones are continually kept warm and since they possess a high iron content, this enables them … Continue reading Hot Stone Massage


Can you imagine what 7,000-72,000 nerve endings on the soles of our feet look like? Feet are sensitive, yet we are on them everyday without even thinking of them unless they hurt. Think of your daily life- how often are you on your feet? Are there any tender points that bother you? Have you had … Continue reading Reflexology

Sports Massage

Typically, Sports massage is used for: pre-event, post-event, recovery, maintenance or rehabilitation from an injury. During our sports massage, we integrate different styles of massage along with area specific stretches that are based on your needs as an athlete.  This prepares you for your peak athletic performance and will help relieve any muscular or joint … Continue reading Sports Massage

Onsite Massage Therapy

Our Buffalonian owned small business has been helping offices near you reduce stress and tension with massage since 2007. Let our professional LMT’s provide massage therapy at your home, office, hotel or event. We have a one hour minimum and the space must be able to fit the size of a standard massage table or chair. If … Continue reading Onsite Massage Therapy

Thai Massage

Thai Massage is a 2,500 year old ancient energy healing technique that focuses on major energy pathways called Sen. These pathways are stimulated to help break blockages, increase energy flow and restore balance. This massage is performed fully clothed (dress comfortably), on a massage mat without oils or lotions. Thai Massage combines stretches with acupressure, reflexology and … Continue reading Thai Massage


Shiatsu is a bodywork therapy that supports and strengthens the body’s natural ability to balance and heal itself. Derived from Japan this holistic system of traditional Chinese medicine treats the whole person: physically, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually. In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) they believe that illness is a result from imbalances within the natural flow of energy, … Continue reading Shiatsu