Benefits of Massage

Would you like to minimize pain, limit stress, help migraines, reduce fatigue or increase your overall quality of life? Massage Therapy may be  the answer for you. It’s a wonderful alternative therapy that complements your health and well-being. Therapeutic Massage has many benefits that can last for days or even weeks. Our massage therapists’ use a number of different methods and techniques to individualize your treatment plan.

To receive the most benefit from your therapeutic massage session, there are a few things you may ask yourself in order to know what the best massage is for you. Do I need a mental break? Are my aches and pains contributing to my stress levels? Do I have time for myself, an hour a month? Some think that Massage is a luxury, they are right it is – but it can be an affordable gift to yourself. The best part, your spending time and money on you.  You need time to unplug so that you feel revived and rejuvenated to start or end your week.

Some of us are not so lucky as massage therapy may be a necessity to function.  It addresses all the aches and pains, muscle tears, healing broken limbs, scar tissue, past injuries, trigger points in your neck, back, shoulders, surgeries, headaches, etc. Massage that is injury specific will be uncomfortable at first, but the relief you feel almost immediately can have a major impact your health and life.

Releases chronic & muscular tension

Reduces physical/mental fatigue & stress

Promotes relaxation

Improves circulation

Promotes faster healing of injured muscular tissue

Increases joint flexibility

Improves posture

Reduces blood pressure

Promotes better sleep

Improves concentration

Reduces anxiety

Creates a sense of well-being

Releases toxins from the muscles

Helps digestion

Reduces headaches and migranes

Increases range of motion

Enhances mental clarity

Alleviates discomfort during pregnancy

Strengthens immune system function

Improves posture

Enhances athletic performance

Rehabilitation after any injury