Can you imagine what 7,000-72,000 nerve endings on the soles of our feet look like? Feet are sensitive, yet we are on them everyday without even thinking of them unless they hurt. Think of your daily life- how often are you on your feet? Are there any tender points that bother you? Have you had any recent issues or areas of concern?

Reflexology is a wonderful, alternative therapy that complements your regular massage or health care regimen. This type of bodywork treats your entire body, with contact only to the feet or hands. Researchers have mapped out nerve pathways linked to specific organs, body systems and structures that are located on the feet, hands, face and ears.

Generally, a reflexology session focuses on the feet or hands, which has many benefits including: increased circulation, reduced headaches, soreness, swelling, better sleep, increased immune function, back pain relief, reduced stress, as well as an enhancing overall well-being. Since reflexology is only on the hands and feet, it is a great introduction to getting massage. If you can’t have a regular massage therapy session due to an injury, give reflexology a try.

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