Reiki (Ray-Key) is an alternative therapy that is used for stress reduction and relaxation. Developed in Japan, this “laying on of hands” healing technique has been practiced for thousands of years. It helps to maintain the flow of ‘qi‘ (chi), our life force energy. If the body’s qi becomes low, or imbalanced, the flow of energy becomes blocked. When the energy is blocked, we become vulnerable to illness and stress. Reiki helps the body, mind and spirit reduce stress, balance the natural flow of energy and creates a sense of peace.

When you arrive, you will fill out an intake form. This will help the therapist understand your reason for a reiki treatment. Your therapist will discuss with you any questions that you may have before the session begins. For the best experience, we recommend you refrain from talking, deeply and gently breathe and pay attention to how your feeling. During a session you will remain fully clothed on a treatment table or chair.

Energy work is best received with an open mind. You may notice how the energy moves with in you and around you. Feelings of heat or coolness, tingling, numbness, throbbing, itchiness and sleepiness, are indicators of your energy balancing itself out. This is a very calming meditative experience, so if you are uncomfortable please let your therapist know and they will make adjustments.

There are many benefits to having a reiki session, such as: relieves stress and anxiety, improves sleep, promotes positive energy, enhances mental clarity, restores physical and mental balance. Reiki complements most medical treatments. If you have any concerns consult with your physician.

20 Minutes  $35.00

30 Minutes  $45.00

60 Minutes  $65.00

80 Minutes  $85.00

90 Minutes  $95.00

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