Massage Series Packages

Would you like your work day to feel like this? Want to reduce stress? Find inner peace? Heal from a previous injury? Which ever life path you are currently on, massage therapy is a wonderful addition to your lifestyle.

Massage is widely known as a natural alternative therapy that: enhances athletic performance, increases immune system function, promotes better sleep, alleviates discomfort during pregnancy, promotes relaxation and reduces physical/mental fatigue and stress. In the past few decades, our medical industry has used massage therapy to help with: pain management, mental health, stress reduction, injuries, surgeries, and trauma.

Our knowledgeable staff will help you decide which massage package is best for you. We have the best of Buffalo’s massage therapists- that are super cool highly professional massage geeks! So if you have any questions, just ask.

Take advantage of the following advanced massage packages and you will be well on your way to relief, while saving both your wallet and body stress. These are pre-paid massage packages and may be used towards: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Maternity, Reflexology and/or Reiki.

3 (One Hour) + 1/2 Hour Free $195.00    

6 (One Hour) + Hour Free $390.00

9 (One Hour) + 90 Minutes Free $585.00

12 (One Hour) + 2 (1 Hour) Sessions Free $780.00

6 (80 Minute) + 80 Minutes Free $510.00

6 (90 Minute) + 90 Minute Session Free $570.00

9 (90 Minute) + 90 Minute Session Free  $855.00

Sports Massage Only, 6 (One Hour) + Hour Free $450.00

Thai Massage and Shiatsu Only, 6 (One Hour) + Hour Free  $510.00