Skin Care Series Packages

Understanding how your skin works and how it reacts to certain things is why most people consult estheticians. Our skin may react to things like the elements, stress, diet and hormones. Any subtle changes to these, combined with our skin care treatment will enhance your confidence and glow.

Facials are the ultimate anti-aging, affordable luxury that you may add into your lifestyle at any age. Skin care regimens will combat fine lines, wrinkles, even out skin tone, support, and correct skin conditions, and maintain the health and vitality of your skin.

The products we use are essential to enhance to your skin with nourishing vitamins, antioxidants, herbs and essential fatty acids. Massage incorporated into the facial increases circulation which helps oxygenate the skin and remove impurities. Skin tone, hydration, and texture are improved which is why facials are a preventative measure against the prematurely aging skin.

If you have found yourself searching the internet for guidance, search again. Our bathrooms tend to fill up with products that barely treat our skin and waste money. Consult with one of our estheticians and let them  guide you with the best skin care recommendations and daily home care regimens. The deeper cleansing you will receive with our skin care will only complement what you’re doing at home.

We use Eminence Organics for our skin care and body treatments. Eminence has been handmade in Hungary since 1958.

3 Acne or Back Facials  $255.00

3 European Facials  $225.00

5 European Facials  $375.00

3 Hour Suite or Gentlemen’s Facials  $165.00

5 Hour Suite or Gentlemen’s Facials  $275.00

5 Enzyme Peels  $250.00

8 Anti-Aging Facials  $840.00

8 Ultrasonic Facials  $920.00

8 (15 Minute) LED Phototherapy Sessions  $200.00

8 (30 Minute) LED Phototherapy Sessions  $440.00

6 Body Wraps + 7th Body Wrap Free  $480.00